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Falling Embers

Using a number of dated and alternative photographic processes, I searched for ways to bring together historical identities with lived identities, to simultaneously draw attention to and lessen the distance of 101 years.  While the still image is vastly different from the choreographic image, the act of making each photograph or object brought me in my body in a unique way.  The intricate movement of my hands was constant and is embedded in each work.  The use of my entire body, particularly when working on the large prints, slowly morphed its way into a choreographic structure as I developed a working rhythm through each process.  The photographs were taken over the course of 12 months in both New York City and North Carolina and deepened my relationship with the historical events, as well as with the dancers, who are present in many of the photos.  


These images were presented alongside of my MFA thesis dance concert. The concert, One Hundred Forty-Six, was a moving memorial to the victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. 

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